How to Create an RH Baby Room without Spending the Money

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Who doesn't love Restoration Hardware? and even more so, who doesn't love Restoration Hardware for their children? Restoration Hardware has become such a trend leader in the Industry and not only are Designers using their help and furniture for their projects, but your average "trend following" mom is looking for this look as well.

The decor is just breathe taking with French and Industrial style touches that are purely elegant for any home. I especially love the unique storage solutions which can be helpful in a smaller room or to hide those unwanted toys. can you accomplish this look without spending a dime at a restoration store? Very easily!

The first step I like to point out is picking a certain style or multiple style from a catalog page. This will really narrow down the style you are aiming for for your child's room.

Here is some ideas...and two that I had used as guidance for my kids rooms.


After deciding on the style that you love as it may be a color scheme, or maybe a transportation theme, pic out certain elements that can easily be bought at stores such as: Home Goods, Target, Amazon, Hobby Lobby etc. A lot of the accessories and bedding especially can be found in any of these stores to accomplish a look such as these. I remember a year ago when planning my children's rooms, circling items that could easily be found at a Home Goods that would be just as similar.


DIY! Of course! There are tons of projects that can be done to accomplish a RH look. For instance the DIY RH BABY Rope Shelf that I made for my sons room. Almost identical in style, but a fraction of the cost.


Add decorative molding or items that add "luxury" appeal. In my daughters room we added molding around her window to give her very small room a grander affect. In my sons room we used Ikea curtains that went all the way to the ceiling for that extra dramatic affect. 
      Also adding a chandelier can create drama. In my kids rooms we have ceiling fans...that unfortunately according to my husband are not going anywhere.  I did add an Ikea chandelier to the corner of my daughters room and added some Benjamin Moore London Fog paint to it. I think a craigslist or a thrift shop find would be perfect for a project like this as well. 

Picking the right paint color! This should probably be the first step, but make sure to choose colors that are similar in the styled catalogs. Usually RH Baby goes for grey, creams, or whites. Any of these colors are extremely elegant and will also grow with your child. I did choose a dusty blush color for my daughters room..since I know this may be the only time she will ever have a pink room. It is for sure a classy pink color. Be sure to steer away from bright, primary, or "childish" colors. Anything with a grey undertone to it should work!


Add an area rug! This gives the room pattern, warmth, and layers. Any well designed room has a great area rug to tie it all together. It does not have to be expensive at all... I chose for Gemma's room a white plain rug from Lowes for $20. I know it probably will not last forever,but spending $20 I am okay with that. 


Mismatch your furniture. You can for sure have two pieces matching whether it be the bed and dresser, but make sure to have an eclectic choice for the rest. This also gives the room layers and visual interest. Use a combination of woods, metal, painted furniture, and materials. Nothing is more inviting than metal and wood in a room...especially when the bedding, curtains, and area rug have patterns and colors to tie it all together.

Be sure to have an outline of how you want the room to overall look, don't be afraid to pick up something that catches your eye in a store even if it was not what you had planned on, and never be afraid to try to make something on your own...especially if your hubby is available to help!

Remember rooms  in catalogs have the perfect lighting, perfect architectural features, quality, and professional Stagers. Don't be disappointed if the space looks different than what you had imagined...this is real life...and all that matters is that your child loves their room and you have created a space they can be happy and grow in.

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It's Beginning to look a little like fall over here

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
I am a slow fall decor is wayyy behind all you non procrastinator bloggers out there. I finally came around to it this weekend and started adding some touches here and there. I still have more to do, but I was so excited about some of my new purchases from Home Goods and the local farm market that I had to share some photos.

I have to say I was going for a neutral fall pallet...steering away from the typical orange and red, especially since my house is neutral based with tons of grey and white.

Hope you all have a great week...hope to be back soon with some more Fall Decor and another project (crossing my fingers we get a few things done this weekend)


I found this cute idea for Chalkboard art on Pinterest and had to copy! If you like this DIY Chalkboard please stop by and see how I made it.

Nothing like adding some Home Goods favorite piece along with some DIY fun to create a complete look.

So my horse has lost an ear and my succulents were killed off by some black thumb lady...but still looking good for a fall decor coffee table.

Just added a pretty cool pumpkin to our Herringbone Firewood holder/bench 

Neutral pallet Fall Mantle

White pumpkin bring me joy!

Maps Decor

Saturday, September 27, 2014
I am loving this new trend in maps!

So fabulous and it can feel Vintage or Modern...depending on how you go about it.

I've been contemplating ordering a Map and turning it into a work of art or just putting a great frame on it (possibly DIY) to hang in our Living Room.

I've especially been focusing in on a map of Paris to go along the French Country feel of the space. My main inspiration, this photo here from Pottery Barn (So dreamy)

I Know...Pottery Barn never goes wrong...they just start trends and make every display cozy and desirable.

So I am for sure loving this fabulous trend and excited to share some pretty amazing finds of map decor and I am hoping sooner than later I can share with all of you my own map decor in my home.

Have a fabulous Weekend! I should be back with some photos of a touch of my fall decor this week!

Fall Decorating by My Talented Friend

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Well Mama has been busy...and I am sorry if I keep stressing that within the last few posts. I am really trying to adjust to this new schedule and being away from the kiddos as well as from my projects : (

We all make sacrafices in life though to hopefully land on the right road to take us to where we need to be...that being my current career choice. Just trusting in God that this is all meant to be. Not saying I am unhappy, but doing projects is for sure one of my favorite things in the world to do and I feel slightly empty without them in my life on a daily and weekly basis.

Well, hang in there, its not gonna be a smooth bloger any longer...not that it ever was, but I want to continue being here as often as I can including being in my garage crafting together something new to show all of you.

I appreciate all the sweet comments that are left here daily and it means the world to me to get them while sitting at my desk at work...because it keeps me going. Makes me want to hop right back on my computer when I get home to link up and answer my lovely readers back. I truely have a passion for this and I am so happy to share it here.

Well since I've been a busy woman lately, and the projects are slow, I had to share some talent coming from my best friend Erin, who is sprucing up her apartment kitchen for fall. She has some great ideas and trends going on in her space and this for sure is one I had to share.

Wayyy back when we moved Erin's mint green, grey and white table into her house she was telling me how she had plans to paint the soffit in chalkboard paint to update with drawings seasonally. I thought how girl  for sure is talking my language (she is for sure my friend who I can talk home design with and DIY). Well instagram yesterday had a very cute picture of her chalkboard wall with an introduction to Fall.

I hope this inspires others with apartments or those with not such happy feelings about their soffit. Its such a great way to add cuteness and fun to your Kitchen space.

So I had Erin send me some pictures to show you all...I hope you love it just as much as I do...she's a fantastic artist as well...I mean look at these pumpkins!

Herringbone DIY for $10

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's no lie that herringbone is the big craze! Herringbone tiles, back splash, wood floors, tabletops, fabrics you name it! I have been wanting some herringbone in my life and the perfect opportunity opened up when my Ikea Hack fire wood holder decided to chip (thanks to the kids). So I needed a solution to cover up the top so that there was no chance of chipping again.

This project started wayy back when I turned an Ikea Toy storage bin into a log holder. Super easy just gave it a quick paint on the outside with some latex left over BM paint I had.

Here's what the piece looked like before in our old house.

Here it is with the pain only..

Looked great and I was not planning on doing anything different with it...until the climbing began and the top became scuffed up. As any of you DIY Queens out there know...paint does not stick well to Ikea furniture unless you take a few extra steps...and get off your lazy butt to make it! Well I chose not to in this case and ended up with scuff marks (should have taken a pic to show you guys)

Well of course Herringbone had been on my brain for this project or any future project for the house (may not stop at this one...we will see). I got a glimpse at Genevieve Gordor's @real_genevieve apartment floors and wanted something like this in my life! Too bad I can not re-do all the floors in my house...if I could they would for sure look like these.

Genevieve's Floors...amazing right..I mean the whole room!

So wanted to replicate this as much as possible for the top of log holder. In a cheap and easy way. You know not  bugging  my husband too much...poor guy!

To Lowes we went to find  cheap wood to add to the top. After weighing out our options we decided to purchase Shims. If any of you have no idea what these are...neither do I. The hubs recommended them and said contractors use them for something. Not the best quality and they have a slight angle to them, but would be great for something like this. I definitely would not recommend for a table top that you would use. In this case nothing sits on top other than my small displays. If you are on the hunt for them Lowes and Home Depot should have them in their lumber sections. They cost about $3-4 for a pack and I used two packs for this project.

I simply lined these up on the top in the herringbone pattern starting left to right. After mark each piece with a pencil and cut as you go. I found this to be easiest or else you will become confused as to where each piece must go. It becomes like a puzzle in a way. Leave the ends last to do...this is where you need smaller pieces and the wood will not stay in place. Since the Shims are on an angle I tried pairing the thinner parts together with the other thinner parts and where it became thicker keeping that together. So this way it leaves the top as leveled as possible. Once again I totally would not recommend this for a table top. 

After all was cut and glued into place (with good ol' liquid nails) it was time to stain! I used the driftwood stain I had used on my DIY Blanket Ladder from a Pallet. To create contrast just like Genevieve's floors add a heavy amount to some sections than others. Next take a dark stain, I believe I used a chestnut stain. In a very light amount add to certain pieces and repeat with a white wash mixture for others. This just gives that contrast really exaggerates the herringbone pattern.

Let dry...and thats it! 

Love how it turned out, slightly time consuming but super cheap and could be great for a wall treatment as well. Can't wait to decorate this corner with some fall lovin!

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My First Textiles Market and Meeting a Famous HGTV Designer

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
I am still alive!

For anyone who follows me regularly, you may have noticed my absence around blogland within the past week. Mainly due to my new job, getting adjusted to working full time, as well as a Wedding this past Saturday, and the very exciting Textiles Market I attended Friday and Monday.

With my new job as an Assistant Buyer for Towels and Bath Rugs for Bed Bath and Beyond, we have some exciting perks for gals like me (who drool of d├ęcor and upcoming trends). Still learning tons and tons about towels (more than you can imagine) some extremely thrilling and some just straight up confusing (not gonna lie) The exciting aspect is to take part at Market in NYC. Going to showrooms filled from top to bottom with upcoming trends for the home and just being surrounded by the best of the best of visual displays.  I mainly concentrate on towels and when I mean concentrate on towels...I sit back and watch my buyers team talk to the vendors while I observe and gather as much info in my head as I possibly can.  Though this is where my department and I are concentrating on, I can not help if my eyes wander to all the other pretty things in the room : )

Ok so market was great! Lots of colors, designs, displays, but the cherry on top to my market experience...yep meeting that famous HGTV Designer.

Who might you ask?

If any of you ladies/gents out there shop at Bed Bath you could probably guess...the only HGTV designer label we carry in our store. ..

The one and only Mr. David Bromstad!

I mean I might have squeeked and turned red a bit upon seeing him from across the room fixing one of his bedding sets. And then came the hand shake of a lifetime for a DIY Wanna Be Lady like myself. He mentioned something about me wearing heels, I played off that my feet were completely comfortable and just remained as calm as I could. Well, I could not leave it at that...had to get my picture in and shake his hand and let him know what a fan I was. Really exciting and he's a terrific guy. So humble and down to earth and he called me "cute" Ok David I hope you never read this cause I will be mortified!

Anyway had a great time, met an awesome designer, and couldn't wait to share it will all of you!

I plan on sharing my Herringbone Pattern DIY project this week as please come back and visit soon!


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Adding Vintage Character to my Window

Monday, September 8, 2014

I LOVE Vintage charming to see chippy panes in a room! Can you imagine watching and enjoying winters in a room with your vintage windows? Just imagine the flicker of a candle, the warmth from a roaring fire, a good book in hand, and watching the snow falling outside. Or a bright spring morning in a crisp white room  filled with nothing but sunshine peaking through each individual pane? Oh I know I am a about the chaos of the children fighting in the background and the smudged white walls while folding the endless amount of laundry. haha more realistic right? A girl can dream!

Well I truly love all things vintage and I hope to one day be able to fix up an old farmhouse filled with character and old windows. Until that day I have to dream big and come up with creative ways to add character to my 1985 home. It has for sure come a long way since we moved into our home 1 year ago this past August 29th : ) (I definitely forgot to make that announcement on here.)

Well anyway...if you all remember my post wayyy back, when I refinished a mint green, grey and white striped table for one of my best friends who was in need of some cheap/free furniture for her apartment. After helping her out with the table and some watermelon colored chairs to go with it...she gave me two pretty awesome windows as a thank you for helping her out. She knows me well! Most people get thank you cards, flowers, or maybe chocolate (that wouldn't be bad either)...but me I get Vintage windows lol.

I was extremely excited to add these to the wall above my living room couch but while waiting for the hubby to get home to help me hang them ...I decided to just set them near our bay window for a bit. The sparks flew once I saw what the windows looked like up against my existing plain windows. Amazing how things work out I decided to lean them up completely against the window and they fit perfectly,

Well...that's where they least for now! They add character to the window and from the outside too. You can barely tell that they were added on top. I may eventually use them on the wall or for a future project but I am happy with how they look there. I still have an empty spot above my couch where these were suppose to go, but I have a few ideas for that wall for the near future.

vintage window panes

creating a vintage window

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