DIY Faux Brick Exposed Chimney

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thank you Lord for this Snow Day! I needed some time with my family, organizing, and of course DIYing!

 After the roads were all plowed away we could not help but head over to our favorite store Lowes (of course) and pick up some wood for our next project. I believe most people were over there picking up salt, shovels, clean up after this mess we got here in the NE, but us...yep just some wood. I do believe we are the only crazy people thinking about buying wood on a day like today. Oh-well I look at it as a perfect opportunity to be home to get another lovely project checked off.

This past week I shared a post all about Adding Character to a Home. I rounded up some of my favorite ways other bloggers have added character in their homes and linking back to their pages, where they share their tutorials. It was a perfect opportunity to open up to today's post, about adding Character to our Master Bedroom with a Faux Brick Chimney and Fireplace.

Step 1 in Adding Character to our Master Bedroom 

Why Step 1? Well because this is going to be a work in progress. This is going to be a multi-step process and posts sharing how we are adding character to our room with a faux fireplace and more! 

I have been dreaming since we moved in about adding a gorgeous Fireplace to our room. Something I have always wanted since I was a little girl, and our room is just big enough to add one. Of can't just be any fireplace...I wanted  something Vintage! 

Step 1: Finding a vintage mantle....wayyy to expensive!
Step 2: Finding way to create a vintage feel to my mantle w/o spending too much money.
Step 3: Convince the Hubby to do it!

After googling and searching for ideas and photos I really gravitated to chippy/reclaimed brick. I especially love the look of exposed vintage chimneys. "Light Bulb" moment! Creating a Faux Reclaimed Chimney with a DIY Vintage Mantle!

Okay...I know sounds a little strange right? I still think it sounds a bit out there...but that's my favorite kinds of projects...ones that no one has done yet...original...daring...and all in my (non-stop creating) head lol.

So today I am sharing all about how we created our Reclaimed Exposed Chimney...and of course with a white chippy finish. The wood we picked up today from Lowes, is for Step 2 (our mantle) and I should be sharing that hopefully some time in the next week. So this means...if this does not work will all know just as soon as I do. I do have faith in it working though. The idea behind it all is to create a faux look and not create a fireplace that looks like it works. I want it to seem as though we purchased one from a  vintage store and added it to our reclaimed chimney...make sense? 

So back to the "Exposed Chimney" and how we created this look....

Lucky for us Lowes has Brick paneled boards...something I have been seeing all around blog land and it really is a great secret for a price of $25 a piece to create a wall of character. Lowes cut the brick into 3 separate pieces for us to create the "box" that would create our chimney.

After buying and traveling home with the piece...see below picture (yep that's the drive home) I'm in the passenger seat haha...Now, it was time to install!

Once home, hubby had to build a frame for the brick to rest on. Lucky for us he just bought a new Stud Finder which helped to locate the studs to easily screw the wood into the wall.

Sorry for the poor picture quality...these are done with my camera phone.


Creating the Frame

  1. After deciding on the measurement of how wide you want the box to be, cut each piece horizontally, with 2x2 wood  to the measurment of the desired width. Screw each piece into wall.
  2. Add Long (7ft) wood 2x2's on top of the horizontal pieces. (This allows the box/brick chimney to be 4 inches off of the wall, creating more depth)
Hint always use liquid nails to help secure wood. We use liquid nails in just about every project we do.

My man installing the brick wall.

Glue boards onto wood and complete with finishing nails. Wall should feel complete and secure once nails and glue are in place. On to my favorite part...painting!

As you can see the Brick is pretty U-G-L-Y, with black grout and the deep red color. Not exactly what I was going for when looking through inspiration. I really want the brick to feel chippy, with white paint, red poking through, and texture. This leads me to the next step...

Accomplishing the Brick "Reclaimed" paint affect

First Step, I decided to paint the brick a redder shade since the current red was definitely too deep. I stopped over at Michaels Craft Store for some acrylic paint to help make this possible. A few shades of reds, orange, browns, and golds to create a brick with depth. I had a pack of sponge brushes to help with the faux painting technique. Combining in my Picaso paper dish I made sure to add a little of each color to my sponge without mixing the paints together in a swirling method. 

Next step to painting the Brick is to use a white grout combining Plaster of Paris and White Latex paint. If you remember I used the same combination to create my own DIY Chalk Paint for my Vintage Dresser. The difference here is I added a bit more plaster to create more of a texture to resemble a grout or painted concrete. I used my good ol' pointer finger for this and spread the paint into each grout line...not being too perfect as to keep with the messy feel of reclaimed brick.

The above photo you can see me with my "Picasso" plate while hubby was helping me out adding red to the bricks that were way too hard for me to reach (I'm only 5'1"). 

Following the red step, I used white paint onto a sponge (purchased at Michaels) to add the texture and plaster affect to the brick. I really wanted to keep the brick feeling light in color so adding this to the brick really helped to brighten it up. Dab the white sponge in a random pattern not completely covering each brick. 

Once the paint it dry, I added Wood Filler to random areas to add texture...really completing the look of a worn textured authentic brick. Definitely be messy in this step leaving patches of textured areas to what looks like may be left behind after pulling off a plaster wall revealing the natural beauty of the brick.

Lastly, Sand each area with red sand paper. The red helped to lighten up some of the brick color without removing too much paint or altering the color. I really was aiming for a more natural feel so this step was important to fix all the humanly imperfections.

This was an incredibly fun project to do! Something so different than I have yet to do and there is nothing like taking something fake and making it seem real to the eye. I am so ready to create that mantle and complete this makeover. Even more so I am so excited to show ya'll! (felt appropriate after watching Fixer Upper tonight) lol

Faux Brick Paneling

Exposed Brick Chimney

Faux Brick Chimney

White Chippy Paint

DIY Brick

Please stop by for Step 2 in completing the mantle...and all the other changes we plan to make in our Master for a charming romantic room.

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Adding Character to your home

Monday, January 26, 2015

I have a multi step post coming up showing how we are adding vintage character in our Master Bedroom. Before doing so, I really wanted to touch on how adding character can be so easy...and how so many bloggers are doing it!

There is no doubt that I am all about the character! I am constantly trying to think of ways to create texture or "vintage" looks in our 1980's home.  Buying a home pre 1970's you have such great architure surprises as well as good quality design. There is nothing like beautiful wood beams, reclaimed brick chimneys, planked walls, rich moldings, and beautifully framed windows.

There are plenty of other DIY bloggers out there that have been finding ways to add this on their own and on a budget, and I thought it would be a great way to display all of these in one spot. I gathered some of the best DIY's pinned them and now adding them here.

Below Elisa from Home Sweet Nest shows how she creates a beautiful faux brick wall from Brick paneling.

The Inspired room (one of my favorite blogs to visit) has the best tips to adding Character to her home. Especially by adding plank walls and molding.

Adding Decorative Trim to Door Frame

Kristine from the Painted Hive shows how to add beautiful custom trim to a doorway. Such a dramatic difference!

DIY: Adding Moulding to Door Frames | The Painted Hive

Adding Custom Molding

Amy from Eat Sleep Decorate has an absolutely stunning house. She shows how she added character to her new/blank slate home.

Faux Wood Beams for $200!

This may be the best tutorial DIY I came across! Wow unbelieveable... Jenna Sue shows how she creates these beauties from Pine boards.

Amazing right? Thank goodness for these bloggers and Pinterst! Honestly, the decorating of our homes has changed so much for these reasons alone. We find ways to cut corners to accomplish all these look for amazing prices and with easy and descriptive tutorials.

Here are some ways we have found to add character to our home so far..

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Inspiration Friday

Friday, January 23, 2015
Happy Friday! For all those that have the weekends off I am sure you are just getting ready to start all your DIYing and put your hubby's to work ; )

My projects are just coming to an end since Thursday and Friday's are my "new" weekend. Back to styling my brides tomorrow, so I thought why not take the time on Fridays to post my weekly inspiration.

I have to say...I am quite the addict when it comes to home decor and DIYing...My brain just never shuts off. I am currently working on a project making a faux brick wall look like a reclaimed chimney (post TBD) and I seriously wake up in the middle of the night with new ways to make this possible.

I have for sure googled and pinned the heck out of ideas and gorgeous Brick.  Brick Walls, Faux Brick, Whitewashing, reclaimed, name it!

Last year I posted my White Washed Brick and DIY Mantle for my "real" fireplace. I absolutely  love how this turned out, but I am for sure going for a different look for my current project.

Hoping to finish this step in the process today...and step 2 of this project can begin next week.

What photo do you like best? Did you attempt a project like this? I hope these photos inspire you as well!

exposed-brick-wall-ideas-3.jpg (554×415)

kit-fea-brick1-435.jpg (435×533)

115019_31.jpg (400×300)

7023620112eae76d244812251196fcc3.jpg (236×354)

Have a Wonderful Weekend my Friends...and feel free to Pin away!

Painting a Dresser with DIY Chalk Paint

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
painting a dresser

Happy Tuesday!

So happy to have gotten through my 3 day stretch at work and so ready to be back blogging again.
Last week I told you how I was busy, busy, busy working on a few projects and potty training. Well, this week I am back to showcase what I was working on....

DIY Chalk paint for my new bedroom furniture!

 It has been a long time coming, but after my one drawer breaking in my dresser (the one I have had since I was 16) it was time to officially look for some great vintage finds for my master. I found two beautiful and very opposite pieces from a great little antique shop down the road from me here in Jersey. I got quite the good deal to buy them both so I could not pass up this opportunity....and since my clothes were falling out of my drawers from my current dresser, this had to be an impulse buy!

Here is the photo of the dresser still at the vintage shop (only a camera phone shot)

Antique Shopping

After having them both delivered I decided to definitely give this one a chalk paint finish, and the other to leave in its natural wood state. This one had more dimension and intricate style so I thought it would look best painted in white. Remember I am going for a Blue and White French Vintage Room.  I thought we would finish this room wayyy back in this summer, but looks like we are just getting started on this 6 months later. Haha I definitely have a false sense of time when it comes to the timelines for our projects. 

Any how, so I decided to finally test out making my own chalk paint. After reviewing some tutorials on Pinterest and reading a few blogs on this I decided to give it a try. What do I have to lose? except saving myself a long trip to the furniture boutique that sells Annie Sloan, and a whole lot of money! 
So off to Lowes I went for Plaster of Paris and Flat Latex paint. This was quite the fun experience at Lowes since I had a whole conversation with 3 employees in the paint aisle about what I was making and what chalk paint is. They were intrigued hahah! 

Back home I began the 1 part Water, 1 part Plaster, and 2 part Latex paint in a salad bowl lol. Yea of course I had forgotten to pick up a bucket while there and was not heading back out once my little one fell a sleep. I could not pick a better way to spend two hours of freedom than painting furniture and listening to Zac Brown Band...definitely my type of afternoon. 

Plaster of Paris

Mix the mixture until all the clumps are all gone, and start to paint just like any chalk paint. This piece did take me 3-4 coats, I can not decide if it was because of the homemade mix or just due to the furniture...I would definitely have to test this out on another piece before deciding on the over all quality of it.
Fortunately, I did not use much of the Plaster of Paris and had plenty leftover for future projects. If you have existing flat paint that you plan to use that would save you more money on this too. I did not have anymore white flat paint, so I did have to purchase...but I have plenty left over for a project we are working on now (my DIY Fireplace Mantle for the Master).

Well...let's back track a little bit, before mixing the paint together I definitely needed to give this dresser a good wash with some Murphy Oil Soap mixed with water. Then I chipped the top layer that was peeling from the top left drawer just by using a flat head screw driver.

painting a dresser

Once finished I sanded down all the details and knob to keep them accented. The piece sanded just as easily as any chalk paint I have used : ) I will probably finish this piece this week with some clear wax paint to protect it. 

All White Dresser and Wall


white dresser

Painting Vintage furniture

refinishing a dresser

So grateful I got to try out making my own chalk paint. I have been so hesitant about this for so long. I can only imagine all the colors I can make too! Probably a great idea if I want to start a side business painting some furniture ; )

 Loving the white dresser on the white wall, but considering maybe adding a printed curtain now. My initial plan for this wall was to add a dark dresser and then another white trunk next to the bed, but once I found these two pieces I reversed the plans. What do you think of the white on white? Would you add a printed blue and white curtain? 

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Adding Custom Social Media Icons to Blogger

Friday, January 16, 2015

I have been one busy woman today! Between working on making this blog better, picking out paint samples for my church's youth center, finishing the new/old dresser I just bought for my room, oh and did I mention....potty training on top of all that?!

Below 3 photos that describe my day haha


I can say it has been quite day...and the potty training! lol

Most of my day went to updating this blog, not that much but just starting to tweak it to my liking.
I have to really give a shout out to Rose at Every Little Polish who created such a perfect yet simple tutorial on how to post social media icons to blogger.

Don't judge...I never said I am a computer genius just cause I love to blog. I have to say I definitely need all the help in the world when it comes to the actual computer stuff and I am grateful to have found a post so easy as this.

For this girl it took me multiple tries, but then again I know that is only due to my lack of computer knowledge and skills. It probably would take the rest of you a much shorter time to get this done. The only issue was to change the quotation marks once posting to gadget since they come italicized and that became a small problem. Once that is done though no problem-o, easy as it should be. I have been trying to do this for months and caved in and bought some $3 etsy icons and looked up multiple tutorials before finding this one. So glad that I did!

My girl Lauren at Blesser House has also been giving me some tips too, to improve my blog. She is such an amazing blogger and so generous to give me a few helpful steps to get this blog to where I would like it...hopefully in a few short months.

So please take a looky at Rose's post on how to add icons if you are new or just as confused as myself. And if you love cottage style mixed with RH knock off's stop by at Lauren's page too.

 See below for Rose's tutorial...

 Looking forward to hopefully having more followers now that my icons are right at the top of the page! Love to have new followers and comments, they mean the world to me!

Happy Weekend...I will be styling my brides once again and back blogging come Tuesday : )

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Adding Beadboard Wallpaper to our Kitchen Ceiling

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Beadboard wallpaper

So I know what you are that must have been a lot of work! Well...we only added the beadboard to the "soffit" ceiling that overhangs in our kitchen. We had a big problem with the ceiling chipping and needed a good solution without spackling. And of course I have been dreaming of beadboarded ceilings in here since the day we painted the Kitchen Cabinets. Hoping that adding this little bit of charm to the ceiling will create this space to be even more cottage-chic. I am always finding ways to add character to this 1985 home and something as simple as this project just helps.

Here is a look at the before ceiling...which was chipping and making me CRAZY!

how to cover a chipping ceiling

fixing a kitchen soffit

Now there is no lie that "real" beadboard ceilings are dreamy and heck if I had all the money in world that is exactly what I would have installed...especially when you add some solid wood beams....

I found some of great inspiration on the web and pinned it onto my For the Home Board.

So where can you find this amazing product that makes adding beadboard to the ceiling so easy?

Lowes of course! Allen and Roth Beadboard Wallpaperand the price for one roll is less than $20!!!! I only had to use one roll for this area...and had some leftover. So basically this project was a big bang for it's buck.  You really can't beat a project that is going to cost you only $20....definitely easy convincing the hubby too ; )

So how did we accomplish this project?

1. Measure and cut amount needed to cover surface. We cut in 3 separate strips since the area we were covering was definitely an irregular shape.

2. Just like any wallpaper you need to apply the wallpaper paste to back of wallpaper and on surface you are covering....and work fast (before glue dries)

3. Apply in strips...I had the hubs stand behind me for this project so as I smoothed out he applied directly behind me. Not gonna lie...this took multiple tries. Once we got into a good routine it went much faster. As anyone who has ever done is not that easy and just imagine doing it to your ceiling...the arms get a good work out on this one!

4. Paint to match ceiling....we painted ours in the same color as our cabinets which is in a glossy finish. I liked adding the gloss affect since it made the beadboard seem more like wood.

5. Enjoy your beautiful new ceiling with a glass of wine in hand!

adding character to a kitchen

cheap and easy ways to add character to a home

adding character to a kitchen

I really love the view now from the Kitchen where you can see the bead board ceiling and look into our family room which has painted paneling. I swear my house is feeling less 1980's every day. If I had different floors in my kitchen and my house was not located in a "development" I'm not sure anyone would be able to guess the age of our house.

Love love sharing these simple DIY's with all of you...sometimes the small projects are what makes you the most happy...and the easiest to convince others to try too!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! I am going to enjoy mine with my little one....and so grateful to be back posting again.

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