Vintage French Princess Room

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 has arrived! The post that was promised weeks ago...Gemma's room!
I have been so excited to post about this room, it was one of the most fun to work on and I really adore the way it turned out. I feel my sweet little girl can definitely grow with her room and I am hoping it will be something she will always love.

One year ago from this weekend we opened that very pink can of paint to declare this room for our little girly girl. After sorting through tons and tons of pink samples I chose a very rosey-pink shade from Benjamin Moore, Cherry Blossom. It was the perfect shade of pink that would compliment our chestnut "wood" floors. I really did not want the ceiling shade to be too stark against the pink walls, so I chose a very pale pink to paint the ceiling (wish I could remember the color). Having a pale pink for the ceiling just softens the overall room and creates a better ambiance throughout the day.

After browsing through an RH Baby catalog and browsing some more I chose and combined ideas from my favorite rooms throughout the magazine. It was really important for me to create a room that was elegant and sweet. I did not want a kiddie style room, but a space that felt grown up but appropriate for a 2 year old. Of course the room was decorated on a budget RH Baby purchases to make this room possible.

A few added projects helped make this room possible including; Restoring a Hutch into an ArmoireCustom Window MoldingFabric Covered Thrift Store Books . Loved each of these projects and each one added special custom touches to this room.

I really hope you enjoy browsing through my photos of my precious little girl's was a really fun room to decorate and I am thrilled to share it will all of you.

princess room

french vintage room

pink and white room

vintage accessories for a girls bdroom

Shopping List

Curtains: Target
Chair: Ikea
Basket: Home Goods
Candles: Target
Clock: Pier 1 (3 years ago)
White Mirror: Ikea painted in ASCP
Glass Door Knob Hooks: Pier 1
Flower Mini Lamps: Pier 1
Growth Chart: DIY with Decals from Little Acorns on Etsy
Rug: Lowes
Floors: Lowes
Chandelier: Ikea (10 years ago) painted with BM London Fog
Dresser: Annie Sloan Little Girl Dresser Makeover
Gold Mirror: Home Goods

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Cozy Equestrian Style Fall Coffee Table Decor

Friday, August 22, 2014
Well Happy Friday! I can officially say this will be my last Friday that I will not look forward to...???

It is my last weekend at Kleinfeld...and then I join  the "normal" working world. Four amazing years spent here, but sacrificing weekends sometimes is just not worth it. I am excited for a 9-5 job and spending weekends with my family. Even more excited to have the next week off with my hubby...spending lots of time with our kids. We are looking forward to doing some fun activities and  possibly get a beach day in before school starts. We probably will fit in a project or two as well ; )...and then of course school shopping and new job clothes shopping!

Just in case you have no idea what I am talking about with a new job..I posted about this at Window Shop and some Big News!

Well...since I have been a busy busy woman prepping for our changing lifestyle and schedule I did not get too much this week with projects. I did re arrange our coffee table a bit and added a horse sculpture I picked up thrift shopping last week. It definitely feels more equestrian and cozy...perfect for the coming fall season.

Shopping List:

Horse: Thrift Store
White Ceramic Planter: Michaels
Tray: Target
Glass Vase: Christmas Tree Shop

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Window Shop Wednesday...and Some Big News!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Hello all...welcome back to another Window Shop Wednesday!

I had very little sleep last night for two reasons
1. My little one was up until 3:00 a.m. since she refused to sleep in her bed : (
2. I had a lot on my mind...planning, contemplating, excitement, and change ahead!

Yep! before I share some great finds for my Window Shop Wednesday I am going to officially share with all of you the news I have been dying to tell!

I have recently made a new career choice in my life! Though Interior Design is ultimately where my heart is at..going back to school and making money in that field is probably not going to happen at least not for now. I am just happy to have this little corner on the web to express my creativity and joy of decorating my home. I still pray it will open up at least small doorways for me to help others with their spaces, but being a Big Bad Interior Designer...yea I am okay with putting that behind me. if any of you that reads my blog has probably come across that I currently work for Kleinfeld Bridal in the city. Yep "Say Yes to the Dress" I work there! I know a very exciting job and so honored to have had the opportunity the last four years to be a dedicated Headpiece and Accessories Consultant at the World's Largest Bridal Store. After graduating College with a BA in Fashion Studies I was unable to find a job and chose to intern (with no pay) to strengthen my resume or get a possible job out of it. Fortunately, God had better plans...and within 6 weeks I was granted a job! I chose to work PT the last two years after having my daughter and enjoyed the time with my kids at home four days a week...and worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tough to throw away weekends from the fam but it was the best option for us at the time to save money from daycare and still make a good income.

Well...the time has come my Anthony is starting Kindergarten in 2 weeks  (ahhhh!) and I can officially make the step back financially to make the step forward in my career. I am excited to announce...that I will start September 2nd at Bed Bath and Beyond Corporate Office as a Buyers Administrative Assistant. Excited and honored to be a part of their team and happy to be working with home decor : ) I will be in the bath department...a big difference from Bridal but any of you other home decor junkies out there know the love of home fashion is so exciting! Hoping to help grow in my career there and contribute my trendy ideas and good eye to the department and company.

So happy to share with all of you and now onto my Window Shop Wednesday!

Since I am starting this new career at Bed Bath I thought what better way than to share some of my favorite finds from their sister store World Market. Yes, World Market, Christmas Tree Shop, Bed Bath, Buy Buy Baby ...just to name a few, are all under the same company ownership. There could be a chance in the future I can be a buyer for World Market or Christmas Tree Shop which would totally be thrilling...but I am for sure excited for my towels!

I found these absolutely stunning Rustic Industrial Dining and Kitchen Pieces. I am currently envisioning the planning for our half done dining room and thought why not take a look at what World Market has in my design style.


I am looking to build a rectangle shaped dining table but this one is way cool!

For a Large size Kitchen or one that needs more counter space...this is awesome!

Stunning...can I make an extra wall in my house to put this against.

My Favorite Find...Love this Piece!
Check out more on World Market they really have some awesome finds and their prices are pretty reasonable. I recently purchased a console table for the church project I have been working on...and could have totally kept that for my own house... really loved it! I posted a pic on Instagram so be sure to check that out there and follow me along! Love to have more people to share my photos with : )

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Covering Thrift Store Books with Fabric

Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Monday!

I am a very happy and a blessed woman tonight! Got some news today that I have been waiting for, for about 3 weeks now. I will gladly share in a few days with all of I hope you look forward to that post as much as myself.

I mentioned in my posts last week that I have just been so busy and behind on my I finally was able to fit in a small project the end of last week...and a few more today for Gemma's room.

Her room is just about finished...took a lot longer than I had expected...but it is definitely coming along.

Here I  wanted to share with you a really cute project I did for her room recently. After spending last Thursday thrift shopping with my two crazy kids...I snatched up a couple hard covered book to use for decor purposes. I am a big fan of decorating with books and I was really inspired recently after walking into a local Restoration Hardware and seeing the Linen covered books filling the bookshelves of their displays.

Well, after deciding to do this for Gemma's room I looked up a tutorial and came across this one 


Hard Covered Books
Spray Adhesive 

Amy used mod podge on her corners which I felt was a great idea, but I did not need it for my books. If the books are used more than for display I would definitely recommend the Mod-Podge.

I chose an off white colored fabric that came close to the look of linen. I wanted to stay simple with these books to create more of a silhouette appearance rather than a bold graphic statement.

I feel it makes quite the difference on a shelf or bookcase when the books are arranged in a  monochromatic scheme. Having the fabric in one color  for each books will help with this design concept. I also really love the fabric since it gives the books a luxurious feel more so than paper. I originally covered books in my house with paper to accomplish this look, but  had yet to think about covering books with fabric. It only struck me when seeing the RH ones recently. 

I followed Amy's steps of cutting the fabric and spraying the adhesive to the fabric and book.

Some advice for this project...mark out the width of the binding with a pencil and cut slits on each line before gluing. This helped me a lot after the first or second book since I noticed it was harder to cut while sticking the fabric onto the book.

Make sure to find books with a neutral color or find thicker fabric! I love how the books look...but I would have preferred them to look whiter. The color of the book and some of the words definitely are peaking through.

So glad you stopped by again! Looking forward to the final reveal of Gemma's room along with my exciting news...and the church board room reveal I have been working on as well!

I posted recently some really cute Book cover ideas.

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