Window Shopping Wednesday The Dutch Door

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Welcome to Window Shop Wednesday again! I skipped last Wednesday to post about my son's Room Makeover and did not have time to squeeze one of these posts in.

I am sharing this week something a little different...this is not from any store...just from the good ol' google search engine. I have been talking with the hubs to re-do our door and completely replace what we currently have. We tried making it work by simple painting the door inside and out (which looks good to me) and the storm door as well (horrible...horrible..horrible). I guess you can guess my feelings here.

There are still multiple projects we need to do on the exterior reason for me still not having a before and after post on this. We know some of the ideas we have but even with those projects ahead we still felt something else is definitely "off" with the exterior. We finally nailed it the other day...the door! Even though I feel  a little bit of paint can make everything better...apparently it just can't in certain cases.

Not sure about you...but I really hate dislike storm doors! There is nothing pretty about them and they just cover up that gorgeous painted or wooden door. I get the purpose of them but...sometimes I choose asthetics  over function (did I just say that out loud). So good bye storm door!

Well...easy solution right!? Not in this case, we unfortunately only have two small windows at the top of our door and to get extra light in here, I am always keeping the door open to let the light in through the storm door (one and only reason I like the storm door). So I need a solution to this of course....leading me to shop for doors with more windows to let in light.
We rally love the look of the door from the inside, but from the outside it is a different feel.

During my search for windows I came across dutch doors...yep I know I am not the only one that's heart patters a little extra at the sight of one. Now where to find one? Oh yea...where to find one inexpensive! lol

So let me show you what I came across while "window shopping" for dutch doors.

shopping for dutch doors

wimsey spaces

black dutch doors

shopping for dutch doors

haha I know isn't this drawing just lovely!

So amazing right!

So now...where can I find one? Anyone have any suggestions? I will probably be going to Lowes within the next few days to look at some option and I am hoping maybe they have some in store.  I looked online and unfortunately they do not on there. This was the best option.

It has the same look except of course the dutch part of it. I would not mind a door that has windows that come down a little lower too. Love to hear your suggestions and honestly me and the Mr. would like to stay under the $300 price tag but if you have or know something that it is slightly more I would be able to do a little convincing ; )

Touring Through Blogland

Monday, July 28, 2014
I am so honored and more than excited to join in this tour! I was so fortunate to be invited by the very talented Jennifer at . she is quite the DIY Queen with her impressive projects such as her Entryway Reveal and  Knock off Restoration Hardware Shelves. She accessorizes her spaces beautifully and I just love her choice of colors and the touches of rustic wood tones in each of her projects and rooms. Did I mention she has three adorable little dogs?! Looking forward to becoming a fellow blogging friend with this talented lady and to follow each new post and project that she creates. Be sure to check out her page, share her projects, and leave her a comment!

To begin this tour I thought I would share my most viewed post before we get started with those questions. let them questions begin!

What are you working on right now?

Currently, we are focusing on the three bedrooms in our house. I recently posted all about my son's Industrial Transportation Room Makeover, but realized shortly after posting I still wanted to tweak some details a bit....leading to a possible part 2 to that reveal. Along with my son's room we are finishing some of the decorating in my daughter Gemma's room, as well as completely fixing up our Master Bedroom.
Though we have owned this home close to 11 months now, we have yet to complete the bedrooms with all the other non-stop projects going on in our house. I am also extremely excited to be helping my Pastor and Church out with a design project for their new board room and look forward to posting here all the before and after photos of that.

2. How does my work differ from others in this genre?

I think that anyone that has been part of this tour or will be, can agree that this is a really tough question to answer. I am truly inspired by my fellow bloggers and  as much as I love my DIY's ,prior to blogging and religiously reading blogs, I am not quite sure my projects would be nearly as great without the constant inspiration around me. I  like to  mix all of my favorite styles when decorating which include; country, rustic, cottage chic, industrial touches, and french flair. I am always on a tight budget when designing, but I have to be surrounded by decor that I only absolutely love. Each project that I do I try to be as honest as possible how I feel about the process and the outcome. I am not a perfect DIYer and I want to always stay truthful with my viewers.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I fell in love with design at an early age, but thought I wanted to go into fashion rather than interior design/decorating. A little too late in my school decision  I stuck to my fashion major, graduated with my BA, and started working in bridal. My passion to decorate has always been there and I had always enjoyed putting my touches in every space I had lived. Once purchasing our home I knew I was going to not only enjoy fixing up our house, but of course go all out with DIY and design. After discovering ideas through Pinterest from other bloggers I knew I wanted to express myself in the same way. Little by little I became more involved with my blogging through each new project and before I knew it I became addicted. Writing on this blog just allows me to showcase my projects and connect with others who have the same passions as myself. I can only hope to grow more in this experience and inspire others.

4. How does your writing/creative process work?

The creative process starts with brainstorming, dreaming, and browsing. Some ideas just come to me at random times of the day and I quickly grab my sketch book to get it all down on paper. Other times I am inspired by catalogs and just browsing online of beautiful homes and decor. I love to set a list of objectives for myself with both projects and posts. Keeping a list has helped me to stay consistent with my weekly posts and weekly projects. When writing I try to really express my thoughts and feelings as if I am talking to a  friend who is just as "design crazy" as myself. 

I would Love to introduce you to two wonderful bloggers that I chose to continue with this tour to next week August 4th. Look forward to their posts and follow these wonderful ladies and their extremely expressive and creative blogs.

The first blogger I chose is Lauren the writer behind She not only has the sweetest comments and so far a lovely blog friend of mine the last few weeks, but she is probably one of the most creative bloggers I have yet to come across. I have called her a DIY genius! She has been featured  for her projects such as DIY Restoration Knock off Rope Chandelier and DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light. Her and her little family have moved into their brand-new home just a few short months ago and have been adding character and gorgeous decor to make this house their home. In her loving home she has an adorable little girl and her hubby who is always happy to help in every one of her projects as long as he has his Comfy but Stylish Man Chair. Please go check this girl out!

My other choice to go with was Nicole from who is so inspiring with her crafts and decorating. She daydreams just like me when it comes to future projects and blank walls ; ) Nicole has just had her first anniversary with her lovely husband and posts some details of their wedding on her page as well. They both love to do projects together in their new home and her hubby is a super supporter of her growing blog. Among her beautiful projects she has done in her home one of my favorites is her Outdoor Makeover Challenge , here she decorates her outdoor patio space on a budget using her favorite colors grey and teal! You must check out this girls house tour as she shows the progress she has made so far within her first year in her home and has chosen the prettiest colors and my kind of accessories! Looking forward to following this girl and her blog so much more and hope you check out her page too!

Well that is it for this tour...please make sure you check out these two blogs next Monday, August 4th with their blog tour.  Thought I would leave you with a few more photos from my blogging the past few months to view before you go. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Boy's Industrial Transportation Room Reveal

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RH Knock off room

It has been a long time coming, to finally finish my sons room and to post about it. This room began an entire year ago as we were packing away our furniture and small apartment to move to our now home. Of course like any designer and DIY addict you start the planning for your new space before you move in and  usually you start on Pinterest. I wanted to start with the kids rooms since we had most of the furniture and it just felt right for them have their cozy little rooms while the rest of the house was in chaos. We painted day 1 and added the floors that same weekend we moved in. We decided to leave most of the decorating for a time when all the projects in the house had settled down and we could concentrate more on them. little girls room is still coming along but I can finally say Anthony's Industrial Transportation Room is complete! Well...I am sure I will always tweak things here and there, but I will definitely share if I do.

The main inspiration for this room has been RH baby. I just can not help but drool over each page in the catalog along with their website. Every e-mail I receive for current sales I am always browsing for ideas and the possibility that I can actually afford to purchase just about anything for my kiddies and their rooms. I was extremely fortunate a year ago to start this makeover process with a duvet from one of their sales they were having. I believe this duvet was discontinued since then, but it was exactly what I was looking for and I was so excited to find it for such a great deal.

Each piece for the room we have collected here and there for the past year. I have found items at home goods, tj max, target, hobby lobby, one kings lane, and some items and furniture we already had. Along with collecting decor for this room we also had some DIY projects that helped make this space possible. I posted Monday our most recent project Faux Steel Closet Door and about two weeks ago the RH Baby Rope Shelf Knock Off. Each of these projects helped add to the industrial feel that we were going for in the space.

Well I think I have said enough lets just show you the room...

The Before

Industrial Style Boys Room

Boys Room

You may have over looked this, but I am going to call myself out on it...yea that lamp shade has a dent! I am in need of a new one...or I may get a new lamp all together.

Grey boys room

Art on a Budget

Transportation Decor

Neutral Color Boys Room

Stripes for Boys Room

Rope Shelf

Transportation Boys Room

Transportation Storage Boxes


As much as I really like this DIY painting with transportation overlapping words, I really wanted to put a propeller here, but could not find one that worked. I am sure I will still be on the hunt for one but I did not want to post this reveal without something above his bed.

Here comes my honesty again...I could not bare to tell the hubby he did not hang these straight...not sure if you ladies bite your tongue after the Mr. does you a favor and it's not perfect. It is all about picking your battles! It's fine did not notice ; )

Shopping List:
Bed and Dresser: Baby Appleseed
Duvet Cover: RH Baby
Throw: Ikea
Sheets: Target
Rope Shelf: DIY
Wall Art: DIY
Curtains: Ikea
Square Cubby Shelf: Ikea
Transportation Storage Boxes: One Kings Lane
Striped Rug: Home Goods
Arrow Floor Shelf: Home Goods
Paper Organizer: Home Goods
Wooden Sail Boat: TJ Max
Black Leather Chair: Ikea


Yep...that's my goofy kid! Love him

P.S. I don't mean to be a negative Nancy, but after posting this last night and of course debating it for a while...I definitely need to replace those small photos to the left of the bed. This post has confirmed it so stay tuned for part 2 of this room reveal.

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Faux Steel Closet Door Makeover

Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting closer to our son's room reveal and I am getting really excited to show all of you. I have been purely inspired by RH Baby bedrooms and just keeping with a very industrial style boys room. Probably the most exciting part to this whole bedroom design is that my son Anthony really loves it! I am sure I am not the only parent that has selfishly decorated the room to your taste and liking. I bet some of your little ones begged you for ninja turtle bedding and spider man vinyl stickers on their walls. Nothing against it...but I just happen to put a little bit of adult sophistication twist on it all. This will also help for Anthony to grow into his room without us having to change too much throughout the years.

Well...of course before the bedroom reveal I had to post at least one more DIY project that we had to do for this room. And that leads me to the Faux Steel Closet Door Makeover. 

Sadly...our house did not come with beautiful closet came with these...

Have any of you ever seen anything like this? I know I have not...this was surely one of the turn offs to our bedrooms when buying this house. I thought by this point we would have replaced them...but as you all know buying a house money and work gets put into just about everything. Something like a closet door is most likely checked off lastly on your "honey do" list. 

Since this is what we had to work with...I wanted to at least give these a little upgrade. To keep with the rest of the industrial style feel in the room I chose to go with a faux steel door. The one good thing about these doors is that they are super tall and it helps give a grande look in the space. 

To make this an easy fixer upper I used spray paint...No faux painting this door by hand...I went to Lowes and found the best type of spray can that would give these doors that aluminum-metal feel. 

Rest-oleum Forged Hammered in Antique Pewter
Just adding spray paint would not be enough...I wanted to use a bolt-like trim to really add some character.

Adding a real bolt would have been too large and most likely would have went right through the we used tacks sold at Lowes in the nail and screw aisle. I wish I had not thrown out the package it came in or else I could have shared exactly the brand and type. The tacks I used basically look like a regular tack you would use on a bulletin board. They may be slightly stronger, but I am sure a regular tack would work as well.

The first step was to nail all the tacks into the closet door. I spaced them out equally... eye-balling the distance. This was the longest step and took me probably about an hour to do both doors mainly because they were pretty difficult to hammer into the wood door.

Excuse my shadow

The above photo gives you an idea of what the before and after looks like with the tacks...these were yet to be nailed in. I  was just making sure the placement looked good.

Once this step was finished I sprayed each door. I needed two cans of spray paint for the entire project and used every last drop.

There You have it! Simple...and yet a dramatic difference!

I am sure no one in the world has closet doors like the ones we have, but I can guarantee that this would be a great idea to do as a barn style door or even a headboard for a boys room.

Looking forward towards the room reveal...just a few more touches and a few more days and you will be invited in.

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